Dallas Contemporary Art Museum, Dallas, TX

dallas ambient music nights, number 41. hosted in collaboration with dallas contemporary.

saturday, 28 january 2023

7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

all ages / limited capacity

$20 admission dallas ambient music nights aka damn was founded in 2015 by m cody mcphail. damn is a celebration of contemporary experimental musics and video art with a focus on creators from north texas. performing at this event in a sonic capacity:

kent evans.

solo, experimental electronic composition.

monte espina.

duo, minimal rhythmic textural timbre improv.


solo, ambient pastoral experimental composition.

moon presence.

solo, darkwave ambient goth soundscape.

performing at this event in a visual capacity:

diana rojas.

diana is an interdisciplinary artist whose research explores human attempts and desires to engage with the invisible and sublime through installation, video, sound, and sculpture. informed by her interests in philosophy, history, physics, and material science, she approaches the role of technology in art making as the catalyst for larger conversations of existence, consciousness, and metaphysics.

zak loyd.

a media artist and educator interested in mystical ramifications of video art histories, post-truth culture, and pop-gnosis. his intermodal work takes the form of, crypto-art, installation, performance, and network-based compositions.


andy bryan designs, directs, performs, and produces art in an array of mediums, including light, video, and sound.

sean miller.

sean's work embodies virtual media forms within sculpted architectonic structures inspired by nature. his hybrid approach seeks to reconcile the physical and the virtual, by discovering hidden qualities, tensions, and often-serendipitous occurrences, which emerge in the exploration of multiple forms of media, techniques, and processes.