In collaboration with The University of Texas at Arlington I am curating a series of ambient, experimental, neoclassical, and genre-adjacent music shows in their Planetarium. 

If you are interested in performing, here are the details: 

✨ Shows will be improvised with a few musicians performing together while the planetarium dome travels all over the galaxy. Right now, we are just going for ambient/spacey/post-rock/experimental vibes, and wordless music. 

✨ PAID GIG and the set is 1 hour. 

✨ All instruments are welcome. Cellos, synths, drums, trumpets, tape loops - as long as you can play for an hour improvising with other musicians, I want to hear from you. (but of course I will connect all musicians performing together so they can plan a bit beforehand). 

✨ There is a fantastic sound system and we will have tech setup earlier on the date of shows, which will likely occur on 1-2 Fridays per month. 

✨ Food/bev will be served and seating is oh-so comfy and accessible.