Previous events

Date Event Location
Basilica Hudson's 24 Hour Drone Online Online Online
Hurry Up, Snufkin / Uncanny Dandelions / Housekeys The Central Saloon, Seattle The Central Saloon, Seattle
Housekeys / Sweet Creature / La Sonora Clandestina Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle
Power Strip / I Love You Avalanche / Elisha / Housekeys Werewolf Vacation, Seattle, WA Werewolf Vacation, Seattle, WA
Blood Moon Orchestra / Housekeys Clockout Lounge, Seattle, WA Clockout Lounge, Seattle, WA
Housekeys @ KGNU Community Tapes Quarterly Lion's Lair, Denver, CO Lion's Lair, Denver, CO
Housekeys Bang Up to The Elephant, Denver, CO Bang Up to The Elephant, Denver, CO
Housekeys DJ Set Mirus Gallery, Denver, CO Mirus Gallery, Denver, CO
Thought//Forms Gallery Thought//Forms Gallery, Denver, CO Thought//Forms Gallery, Denver, CO
Unwed Sailor / Early Day Miners / Housekeys Lost Lake, Denver, CO Lost Lake, Denver, CO